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Why is CNC Machine safety important?

CNC Machines are essential to almost all modern manufacturing industries. Programmers and operators must follow the correct procedures to ensure maximum safety when developing and machining quality finished parts. As a CNC machine is programmable, it can be easy to overlook safety operations. However, this is important to ensure the safety of operators and people standing nearby and stop damage to your plant.

Ensuring there are no mechanical faults and that the correct safety procedures have been implemented is critical. Here’s how VERICUT can help:  

Types of Hazards in CNC machine shops

In machine shop environments, hazards are categorised into mechanical, health and other. A mechanical hazard involves moving machine parts which could harm your employees through physical contact. If a part is not programmed correctly, the CNC machine may crash, damaging the part, tools, spindles, and other equipment inside the hood. Identifying safety hazards in CNC machine shops is a vital part of mitigating any risks and maximising employee safety when operating CNC machinery. Many manufacturers are now investing in world-class CNC machine simulation software to help eliminate errors and increase efficiency.

Advanced Equals Safe 

CGTech's advanced CNC machine simulation software, VERICUT, offers the most accurate collision-checking technology available. VERICUT verifies post-processed G-Code, the same G-Code that runs within the NC system of the CNC machine. This ensures the software will conduct a comprehensive machine simulation based on the same data that will operate the machine.

Rather than testing points along a path, VERICUT checks the entire path of travel. One mistake could lead to scrapping a vital part, crashing a machine, or causing injury to your employees. These risks can all be costly, but intelligent VERICUT CNC simulation software facilitates testing machines for errors in advance. This means you won’t need to rework parts or scrap material, saving your business valuable time and money.

Precise attention to detail

As well as preventing the many hazards associated with operating a CNC machine, VERICUT’s CNC simulation software has measurement and inspection capabilities. Demonstrated with the cut stock which can be measured at any time, and the simulated model which can be compared to the intended design. This ensures your organisation is machining and shipping perfect parts that guarantee safe use. In addition, this intelligent technology allows you to train staff efficiently through a simulation, meaning that they can learn everything they need from a safe distance until they qualify to operate a CNC machine.

Safer and Quicker

Hidden issues in your NC program could include inefficient programming and suboptimal feed rates caused by the CAM system’s inability to adjust cutting feed rates for varying cutting conditions. This could also mean that the CNC machine is not operating as efficiently as it could be. VERICUT Force NC optimisation adjusts feed rates throughout your CNC machine operation to maintain an ideal chip thickness. This means that tools are used to their full potential, in turn reducing machining cycles, increasing tool life, and increasing program safety. 

Intelligent simulation software 

Checking a CNC machine manually is not as accurate as using VERICUT’s efficient simulation software. Tried and tested throughout many industries, such as aerospace, medical and the automotive sector, this world-class CNC simulation software creates an optimised solution that can be used with every CNC machine and CAM system.

Investing in VERICUT is the start of a partnership with one of the world’s leading manufacturing software vendors. To learn more about improving machine safety with CNC simulation software, contact our friendly team today. To discover more about VERICUT CNC-machine simulation and request a free demonstration, visit: