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Services & Training

Let VERICUT cnc simulation software work for you!
With our implementation and ongoing contractual services we promise fast implementation and timely ROI.

Save time & effort!

Pre-configured machines, controls, libraries, etc. so you can be productive immediately

Have a working plan!

Efficient and consistent implementation and operational plan

Get Up-front Expertise!

Guidance on verification & optimization practices, strategies, and techniques

Be Productive & Effective

Controlled scope of work, so implementing VERICUT is not an endless task

Train Everyone!

Provide everyone with the expertise and skills to use VERICUT effectively in the production environment

Implementation ServicesContract Services

We will make sure that VERICUT cnc simulation software is correctly and effectively integrated with your CAD/CAM systems, and that your electronic workflow is as smooth and efficient as possible! On-site advice from both our sales team and technical support team will provide you with all the processes, tips and tricks for using VERICUT that are specific to you and your production environment. This will help eliminate false starts and confusion, and can be the key to accelerating your R.O.I.

Verification Audit
Are you using the VERICUT cnc simulator to its full potential? Here’s how to tell! A VERICUT expert will examine your use of the cnc simulation software and provide you with a written report covering potential risks in your current operation, and areas where you can achieve better results. We’ll check your VERICUT installation and assess whether your staff are sufficiently trained to use the software.

Optimization Mentoring
You’ve purchased the VERICUT Force module, now make sure you take full advantage of its capabilities. Our experts will provide hands-on training on how to optimize your tool paths – using your parts, on your machines. We’ll set up your optimization libraries and fine-tune the results, including runs on your machines, so your operators can see for themselves how efficient they are.

Force Mentoring
Shorter machining time or longer tool life? How about both! When investing in Force Milling or Force Turning our in-house experts will show you how to maximise its potential. We will provide practical training on how to optimize your tool paths – using your parts, on your machines - we’ll show you how to define the extra parameters in VERICUT’s Tool Manager for Force optimization: cutting angles, chip thickness, force limits and so on, and crucially, how to interpret these from each manufacturers’ catalogue. We’ll also guide you through your library of Force Material files, which hold the key information for optimizing each metal, whether it be as generic as Cast Iron or as specialist as Inconel® 718.

Machine Tool Modelling & Control Building
Need to simulate your CNC machines, but don’t have the time or manpower to model them? Maybe you have special or complex simulation requirements. Hire CGTech to model your VERICUT Machine Configuration (VMC) and do everything required to make running your simulations a push-button operation! We’ll build your virtual CNCs for graphical simulation and collision checking, as well as non-graphical kinematic representations designed to enable VERICUT cnc simulation software to accurately process your G-codes.

NC Program Optimization
Want to improve the quality and throughput of your NC machining? Send us your NC programs (G-code or APT), and we’ll return faster, more efficient programs. This is an ideal solution for shops with limited time, manpower, or optimization expertise. Our experts will use the most appropriate cnc simulation software module in our range, whether it be Air Cuts Only, OptiPath, Force Milling or Force Turning.

Custom Tool Libraries & Custom Software Development
We will build VERICUT cnc simulator tool libraries from scratch or from your existing spreadsheets and databases. Do you need special capabilities not currently found in the software? We can tailor VERICUT to suit your specific needs!