Machine Simulation

Configure and simulate your CNC machines and controls so you can be more efficient, more competitive, and more profitable! With VERICUT, you have virtual machines on your desk. The 3D simulation shows machine tool movements and change on the workpiece exactly as they would be in real production.

Machine collisions can be extremely expensive, resulting in high repair costs, downtime and delivery delays. With VERICUT you can significantly reduce the probability of errors and avoid the loss of valuable time. The Machine Simulation module detects collisions and takes into account tolerances between all machine components such as axis slides, heads, rotary tables, spindles, tool changers, fixtures, Workpieces, tools and other defined objects. You can set tolerance ranges around machine components to detect danger areas or even over-travel errors.

There is a selection of customizable machine models available. But you can also completely redesign models. Machine components can be created in a CAD system or defined in VERICUT. The models are assembled via the project tree, which also controls the kinematics of the machine.

The machine simulation supports:

  • Multi-axis milling, drilling, turning, grinding & EDM machines
  • Simultaneous milling / turning on different spindles and workpieces
  • Machines with several synchronized CNC controls
  • Tailstock, steady rest, workpiece gripper etc.
  • Automatic workpiece transfer from main to counterspindle

Superior Collision Checking

VERICUT offers the most accurate collision detection on the market. Instead of checking individual points along a tool path, VERICUT checks the entire path. Thus, there is no simulation slowdown with very small tolerances nor an increased risk of collision if the tolerance chosen is too large.

With CNC Simulation you can:

  • Avoid CNC machine collisions and safety distance problems
  • Reduce the time it takes to implement new CNC machines
  • Provide clear instructions for the operator on new NC programs
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Improve operational safety
  • Enhance presentations and documentation
  • Train programmers and operators without using production time or risking collisions

Emulation of CNC control logic and G-code support

VERICUT accurately emulates the CNC control logic. This makes it possible to simulate a wide variety of CNC machines in your manufacturing company. No special programming language is required to simulate the various CNC controls and you have the flexibility to customize controls.

Pull-down dialogs define G-code characters and numeric values ​​in a logical "word / address format" and then configure CGTech action macros to simulate control functions.

The control logic also supports conditional checks (other codes in the block, current variable values, machine states, etc.) that affect how the word / address is interpreted.

Today's machine tools process complex NC programs. VERICUT was designed by NC programmers and specialists for NC simulation and testing software. Thanks to these expertise, VERICUT can be used in multi-axis machines, complex NC code and / or advanced programming techniques.

VERICUT includes a library of flexible, easily modifiable controls from manufacturers such as:

  • Heidenhain
  • Fanuc
  • Mazatrol
  • Bosch
  • NumeriPath
  • Yasnac
  • General Electric
  • Siemens
  • Fadal
  • Phillips
  • Allen-Bradley
  • Cincinnati Milacron
  • Okuma

Example VERICUT Machine Configurations (VMCs) are included with the software. These can be used directly in VERICUT or can be used as a starting point to configure VMC’s of your exact machines. STL and other CAD model formats can be used to represent machine components, or they can be directly modelled in VERICUT. A simple “tree” feature makes it easy to connect the pieces and create the kinematics of the machine.

New machining techniques and complex control functions require improved simulation capabilities. VERICUT supports:

  • Automatic workpiece transfer
  • Facing heads (or programmable boring bars)
  • Multi-channel programming / synchronization for turning / milling machining centres
  • CNC controls where tool axis are controlled by IJK vector programming
  • Turning operations that do not run symmetrically along the lathe spindle
  • Production machines with parallel kinematics
  • Multi-axis waterjet cutting
  • Programming & simulation of drilling & riveting processes

VERICUT supports the most complex applications and higher-level control functions, such as:

  • Look-ahead or 3D cutting compensation
  • Tool tip programming and tool length compensation
  • Reference point programming of the measuring length
  • Control cycles and zero offset
  • Program variables, subprograms and macros
  • Subroutines, macros and branching logic

Visit our Youtube channel for access to many more CNC simulation videos.

CGTech has years of experience in the creation and processing of VMCs to meet the high demands and expectations of our customers. We are able to supply VMCs for all leading machine manufacturers. In doing so, we can often rely on the CAD data provided to us by the partnerships with the respective manufacturers. "Showrooms", which show videos with various VERICUT examples of a machine manufacturer, are currently available with these partners: Mazak, Makino, DMG Mori, Chiron, Matsuura, Hermle, Okuma, Starrag, Haas, specialty machines and other CNC machines.